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“Leave anxiety behind, gain back your life…naturally!”


Managing your anxiety and living the life you deserve, that is my philosophy in developing my practice. When you have hit the place where nothing seems to be working that is where I begin.

In one night, Don’s life and his family’s lives were changed when the beast of OCD invaded their house. It was a time that nearly tore their relationships and lives apart. Just when they thought the beast had gone it returned to capture another child and the struggle began again. Don has taken those horrendous challenges and turned them into opportunities to help others going through similar struggles.

Donald Grothoff has over 15 years as an EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) Practitioner, Behavior Transformation Specialist, a Mindful Liberator and owner of Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment Center. I work with teens and adults to help them to self manage their emotions, empower them to take some control of their lives and strengthen their performance in all aspects of their lives.


“Let me start by saying just 8 months ago I could barely stand more than 30 minutes, no energy, pain everywhere, and feeling terrible overall. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. I finally found a Naturopath who figured out I had an autoimmune and immune system dysfunction (mostly neurological). Healing started slow until I was introduced to Don, an EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) instructor. It’s challenging to put into words what Don and his wealth of knowledge have done for me. Our one hour sessions were full of practical application and education to allow me independence and control over my health. Believe me when I tell you this IS the piece of the puzzle your looking for! 8 months into my healing journey and I have more energy than ever, exercising 5 days per week, and returned to living my life!”

JT from Texas
March 11, 2020

“…I’m feeling more peace and contentment with where I am at and where I am going. Your comments about contrast and about the process/journey of accomplishing goals/desires were so helpful. To start realizing I am on a journey and I don’t have to be at the destination right now but have time to get there and should take the time to get is there is amazing. I’m learning how to enjoy and appreciate the journey.”

MS from Texas
October 2019

From the Holistic Wellness Center in Ft. Mill, SC where I work with their patience I get testimonials…

“Let me start by saying that I was a HOT MESS when I first came to this center. Sleep deprived, anxious, depressed, confused – turns out I had a host of symptoms laying under the surface (thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, zinc deficits, etc.) that had been “misdiagnosed” by previous doctors. I LITERALLY had blood work done a week before I came here, and conventional medicine didn’t see anything wrong! When I say that these guys get at the underlying symptoms, they will uncover just about everything you can think of and more. It will blow your mind! Dr. Boyle is brilliant, and I’m so grateful for everything he has done for me. Brittany, Mikela, Mary Beth, Katie – these guys have all been so compassionate and gracious. Also, I am incredibly grateful for Don, the EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) instructor – those sessions helped me in remarkable ways. While I still have work to do with my health goals, I’m in a much better place than when I first started – and I’m more prepared for the road ahead. Thank you HWC!”

— E.D. Who is a patient of Holistic Wellness Center
August 2019

“I started working with Don when I felt like I had hit the bottom. I was struggling with a traumatic birth experience and subconsciously directing my hurt, frustration and anger towards the people I love most – my husband and daughter. Through our weekly EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) sessions, we have worked together to uncover some deeply seeded issues that have effected me greatly in my marriage, parenting and general relationships. After a session, I feel as though another layer of my onion has been shed and new light shines from my soul. Now four months later, I feel like a new person and a kinder, more loving mother and wife. My relationship with my daughter has blossomed. Now we rarely experience a power struggle, and I am able to redirect and release my frustration by utilizing tapping and surrogate tapping.

Don is a kind soul and approaches each of our sessions with the utmost care and truly without judgment. I feel like I can honestly express my feelings through tapping, and Don is extraordinary in the way he guides me through uncovering and healing past and current issues. Tapping is a daily practice for me, and I’m so happy Don taught me this invaluable technique.”

Megan – Virginia
October 2016


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